Here at Cascina Sant’Anna, we are proud of everything we do, and we want to show it to you. This is why we decided to open our doors and show you where and how our milk is produced. During the visit, you will have the chance to discover how our cows live, from the young calves to the retired ‘ladies’. We will lead you through the stables and the fields, where you will see with your eyes what the shared life of a farmer and a cow is. We invite you to watch the milking, to find out where our milk comes from. And finally you will have the chance to taste it, to quench your desire to learn!


WHERE: Cascina Sant'Anna, località Motta Gastaldi 6, Cavallermaggiore (CN) 


PRICE: free 


GROUPS: max. 12 people 


Reservations by phone calls are mandatory.


You can call Ugo Mellano at +39 339/310.62.63 to book your visit. 


For school visits, it is possible to arrange customized timetables and visits even on weekdays.