Our dairy cows are milked three times a day, allowing us a faster and less traumatic procedure for the animal. Thanks to the triple milking, the udders are emptied more frequently and enjoy better health. After each milking, the milk is immediately cooled down by means of our plants in order to preserve all its nutritional and healthy characteristics.

Immediately afterward, the milk is transported to the company Frascheri, a family-run business that we have chosen with care and attention. Frascheri guarantees that our fresh milk is treated and packaged respecting the highest quality standards. The company has been certified with ISO 9001, a guarantee of quality and traceability.


Here milk is treated at high temperature (UHT) and packaged in a packaging that maintains the nutritional and sensorial characteristics of the milk. The UHT treatment, a very short high-temperature pasteurization, also guarantees that the milk has the highest hygienic quality preserved while retaining all its goodness.

We have chosen to treat our milk with UHT method because it has proved to be the best one to offer the consumer the possibility of enjoying long-life milk which is guaranteed to be 100% produced in Italy - in Cavallermaggiore!


National statistics show that for every 100 liters of milk consumed, 96 are treated with the UHT method, but until today only fresh milk could guarantee an exclusively Italian production. Today, Cascina Sant’Anna offers for the first time a 100% Italian UHT milk!


Thanks to our supply chain, not even 56 hours pass to let the milk go from the udders of our cows to the shops' shelves in the package that contains all the tastes and aromas of our farmlands.


Our milk is certified by the ministerial mark "100% Italian Milk": a clear indication of the area of origin and production of the milk.


Ours is not, therefore, milk that has only been packaged or produced in Italy, but it is a 100% from Piedmont, Cuneo, or even more precisely, milk from Cavallermaggiore: a very short chain that we only can guarantee today!