How is a job born? Sometimes by accident, other times by necessity, many times by passion, few times by contagion, emulation or genetic transmission. That's right, sometimes you don't choose a job, a job chooses you. Because since you were a child you've got that job around you all day long. In fact, you've got it inside yourself, it grows with you slowly, in your arms, in your bones, in your mind.



Everything maybe began on a summer morning, "Daddy will take me on the tractor with you?", and it continued on sunny days spent with your favorite hero, riding that iron and rubber machine that seems invincible, tireless and unbeatable.

And then you began to like it more than books and games. "Daddy, do you show me how to milk a cow?", and you found yourself so close to those animals so calm but determined, millenary sons of Mother Nature, givers of life and food, who instantly entered and fulfilled your heart, your eyes, your life.


We are Ugo and Francesco Mellano, Piedmontese breeders, "branded" at birth by a passion that has turned into our current job. We are happy with our choice, we would never change our "destiny" with another one.

Ours is not a simple trade, but a lifestyle choice made of rhythms and seasons.


We grew up in this farmhouse, where our dad showed us what it means to take care of an animal, and receive the gift of nature in return. Since we were kids, we have been fascinated by this world, and still today, witnessing the birth of a calf or feeding a newborn animal is a magical moment for us.


Milk is a primary food, it offers the energy of life to each of us. Even today we feel the curiosity and the enthusiasm of when we were little kids, of when we just wanted to play with the cows.