Back in 1966, our parents Mauro and Piera began to raise some cows in the structured farm they called Cascina Sant’Anna. Since the beginning, the welfare of the cows was very important for our family, and they carried out their work with passion and dedication. Still today, this aspect remains crucial in our job philosophy.

As a matter of fact, cows grow and live in modern stables provided of the best facilities for their health: in addition to a ventilation system that allows a continuous flow of fresh air, our young cows follow the rhythm of the music on the radio; a little attention that relaxes them and help to make their milk even better.




The stables provide every element of well-being to our cows, but they also need to enjoy the warmth of the sun and the softness of the grass in the field. During the period of pregnancy, the cows are free to trample the ground, which is very important for the animals, for their health and for the health of the calves. Thanks to the mother's movement, the calves turn continuously during their growth and they are born stronger and more lively.

The quality of milk depends above all on what caws eat and on the type of forage and cereals they are given. Hay and corn come from Caramagna grasslands, 10 km far away from our farm. The production of milk, therefore, begins right here, at a very short distance, to ensure that the final product reflects all the aromas of our countryside. To respect the quality of their diet and their nutritional experience, we have chosen to serve meals on a stainless steel top. This allows hay and corn to remain fresh, without the aromas and flavors being altered, and to guarantee maximum hygiene safety. This way our cows are more willing to eat, and we also are happier.


We really respect our animals and they repay us with the extraordinary milk they give us every day. Our passion for our job, for cows and for their well-being is thus rewarded with quality milk, allowing us to earn a living by doing what we love and to continue our dream.